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ZUS Coffee Launches New Local Malaysian Flavours

ZUS Coffee, a local Malaysian coffee shop, has launched three new flavours – Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut Frappo, Snowy Coconut Frappo and Iced Pandan Coconut Latte. These new flavours are inspired by local Malaysian ingredients and are perfect for those who want to enjoy a unique and refreshing cup of coffee.

Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut Frappo is a blend of pandan, gula melaka, and coconut, while Snowy Coconut Frappo is a refreshing combination of coconut and milk. Both frappes are served cold with ice and are perfect for those hot summer days.

Iced Pandan Coconut Latte is another new flavour that ZUS Coffee has to offer. This refreshing drink is made with cold brew coffee, pandan, gula melaka, and coconut milk. It is the perfect pick-me-up for those mornings when you need an extra boost of energy.

When we are feeling “heaty”, what do we drink?

Barley with Pandan, Coconut water/ or enjoy some lovely Cendol !

That packet of nasi lemak that you had this morning.  A hint of pandan & coconut!

What about all that yummy Kuih Raya that you’ve been struggling to resist!?

With so many ???????????????????? memories, it’ll be a crime to not have these on our menu!

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