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Lotus’s Promotions May 2024

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Jom Shopping! Enjoy your Tuesday by shopping at Lotus's! Promo onzzz and murrrr for you to grab today

Mother father! We have the best deals for your little one ! Get all the children's needs at a SAVE price!

Saturday! Time to calm down and do Lotus’s weekend duties~ Let's restock groceries where should we go today at Lotus's! 

Moovelous deals in conjunction with World Milk Day Get a variety of milk at a SAVE price at Lotus's!

Today is the day off, where are you guys, won't you be at home? Let's grab today's promo at the nearest Lotus's!

Time to restock for those who didn't have time to go shopping last weekend. Let's go to Lotus's!

It's time for the weekend stockup guys! Let's grab these various promotions at Lotus's today!

Let's gaurrrr Lotus's guys! there is Lotus's 2nd Anniversary Promo It's time to go shopping at Lotus's in conjunction with the 2nd birthday guys! There ...

Hmmm, the wallet is empty..... Isn't Lotus's doing a promo in the middle of this month? Here it is haaa guysssss! It's time for a stockup, let's go to ...

Lotus's product promo is guaranteed to be more economical, more lucky, guys~ Best of all, it's time to go shopping syiokkk. Let's go to Lotus's

Take a look at this Yaaa promotion for this week! Tomorrow the plan is to come a little early ok. Buy, don't buy

Let's go to Lotus's and grab what you need today! Various discounts are available for you to shop SAVE Lotus's way. Let's go to Lotus's!

Looking for home goods, kitchen at a low price? Lotus's is there guys! Look at this Hurry up and take your partner shopping at Lotus's today!

Buy 2 CP Sausages RM10, Liquid Soy Sauce 2 for RM13. There is also a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale and many more birthday promotions this time. Vroom vroom to Lotus's ...

Baby's comfort, Parents' happiness Various discounts are available for your little ones! Hurry up, before the stock runs low, let's go to Lotus's!​ Want ...

This Working Holiday, bring your family to Lotus's! All the necessities for the whole family are here. Let's stop by Lotus's today!

The best thing is that you can save and shop~ Let's go to Lotus's!

Definitely at Lotus's today. Let's stock up the already empty fridge~ I hope it's time to cook later. Let's go to Lotus's!

Let's go shopping for today's promo, guys, stock up on what's worth listing in your head~ That's not enough, here. Meh set it all up at Lotus's today!

Thursday promotion that captivates aum cakkk! Haaaa, this is a promotional umbrella guys, what else let's grab it now. Let's go to Lotus's! 

Get various attractive offers and vouchers for your baby's needs! Let's vroom to Lotus's now !

There are various promos and special discounts for you. Boss Lotus's wants you to shop with SAVINGS & HAPPY getteeeewwww~

Friday has arrived! Time for Lotus's promotion~ Let's grab your post-Raya needs at today's promo. The fridge, the kitchen is empty !

Have you thought about what to cook? Open house shopping, guys~ Various discounts for you to grab and SAVE at Lotus's today! Let's hurry before the stock runs ...

The fridge is empty ketttewwww~ Lotus's FRESH & CHEAP promotion is here today. Let's fill the fridge with worthwhile prices and quality ingredients~ 

Before going to the festival, stop by Lotus's to buy some souvenirs, what should I do hehehe. Today there is a promotion of NEW items in this shelf. Let's go ...

Lotus's and grab the various promos that are onzzzz this Raya! Various preparation items are available with various discounts! See you at Lotus's! 

KITCHEN GOODS PROMOTION! Shopping for kitchen items for Raya let's go. Hurry up, guys, the stock will go down a lot later. Let's go to Lotus's! 

Next week I want Raya gengggg! Are you ready with all the equipment? Let's go shopping today. Save this Lotus's Raya way~

Time to go shopping with the kids at Lotus's. Various syiokkk discounts for you to enjoy today! Hurry to the nearest Lotus's!

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