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XO durians from Pinang Special Sale by Durian SS2 Durianman

喜欢XO 的朋友们千万不可以错过啊!现在难得5月份就有榴莲吃,😲来自pinang 的 XO 带甜哦🤤


赶快叫上喜欢吃榴莲的朋友来 “榴莲鲜生 durian man” 吃榴莲咯!!!!

🥳🥳 一盒300g 新鲜榴莲🥳🥳


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2盒 RM49

5盒 RM99

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Friends who love XO must not miss this! Now, in the rare month of May, there are durians to enjoy 😲, and these XO durians from Pinang are sweet 🤤.


What are you waiting for, durian lovers? This season, the price is incredibly cheap for only around 10 days‼️

Quickly invite friends who love eating durians to “Durian Man” to enjoy some durians!!


🥳🥳 One box of 300g fresh durians 🥳🥳


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2 boxes for RM49

5 boxes for RM99

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