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Visa x Shell: Pump and Save with Your RM5 e-Voucher Reward for Only RM60!

Are you ready to pump up the savvings? Visa and Shell present an unbeatable offer, made exclusively for Shell customers in Malaysia. A transaction of RM60 through the Shell app using your Visa card can unlock a valuable RM5 e-voucher!

This lucrative offer commence from January 1st, 2024 and will run until February 29th, 2024. Throughout this promotion period, both Visa cardholders and Shell app users can reap these exciting rewards.

Imagine – all it requires is a minimum pumping expense of RM60 in a single checkout. Just conduct the episode on your reliable Shell app, make payment using your convenient Visa card, and voila! – You will own a nifty Ringgit Malaysia Five (RM5) voucher.

The good news doesn’t stop there! This splendid RM5 voucher can stretch across fuels or any in-store purchase at any participating Shell Select or Kedai Store nationwide. That too for as low as a spending limit of Ringgit Malaysia Fifteen (RM15) on a single receipt.

But wait – hurry to capitalise on this limited-period promotion as it stands available only on first come first served basis! Transact swiftly because the vouchers are capped at 40,000 during this campaign.

Remember – each Visa x Shell user holds an opportunity to land one voucher throughout this promotional reign. The brand-issued Ringgit Malaysia Five (RM5) e-vouchers will be dispatched T+2 business days post successful transactions.

Addressing your concerns about validity? Fret not! These special vouchers hold strong for a period of 14 days from the issued date.

So what are you waiting for? Download the handy shell App now to locate participating stations accepting this promotional deal under “Stations” filtered by “Shell App”. Ready to fuel, save, and reward yourself with Visa x Shell?

Let the pumps fill your vehicle, and our rewards overflow your pockets! Unleash the power of Visa x Shell today for a rewarding journey in 2024!