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Village Grocer Bubur Lambuk Giveaway – Taste Tradition with Adabi | April 2024

Immerse Yourself in Tradition with Village Grocer’s FREE Bubur Lambuk Giveaway!


Indulge in a culinary treasure this April 2024 as Village Grocer spreads the warmth of the season with a delightful Bubur Lambuk giveaway. Savor the authentic flavors of Malaysia lovingly crafted by Adabi and embrace the rich cultural heritage of our land.


Join us on April 5th, 2024, at Village Grocer outlets located in Melawati Mall, Citta Mall, and MyTOWN Shopping Centre at 3.30pm for a taste experience like no other. The comforting aroma of Bubur Lambuk awaits you, promising a journey back in time with every spoonful.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to partake in this heartwarming gesture while stock lasts. Mark your calendars and treat yourself to a bowl of traditional goodness courtesy of Village Grocer and Adabi.


Capture the essence of community, generosity, and culinary legacy with the Village Grocer’s FREE Bubur Lambuk Giveaway event in April 2024. Join us for an unforgettable experience that blends tradition and flavor seamlessly.


Come together with friends and family at selected Village Grocer outlets and relish the impeccable taste of freshly prepared Bubur Lambuk by Adabi. Let each bite transport you to a world where generosity knows no bounds and flavors speak volumes.


Save the date, clear your schedules, and head over to Melawati Mall, Citta Mall, or MyTOWN Shopping Centre to grab your bowl of warmth on April 5th at 3.30pm. Connect with your roots through this delectable offering that promises not just satisfaction but also a sense of belonging.


Bask in the spirit of unity as you join fellow Malaysians in celebrating our shared heritage through food – the universal language that brings us all together. Taste tradition; savor community; embrace culture – all within one humble serving of Bubur Lambuk from Village Grocer and Adabi.


In conjunction with the season of giving, let your heart be full as you enjoy this simple yet profound gesture from Village Grocer. We invite you to be part of this special occasion where moments are made memorable over bowls filled with love and history.


Hurry before stocks run out! Gather your loved ones, spread the word, and make your way to one of these locations for an experience that promises to touch not just your taste buds but also your soul.