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Unbeatable A&W Mozza Monday Deal: Making Mondays Marvelous 2024


Nothing tops the taste bud-tingling sensation of an excellent meal deal that redefines your regular weekday experience, especially when it entails a burger, curly fries, and a refreshing drink. This January 2024, brighten up your Mondays with the mind-blowing Mozza Monday deal from the iconic fast-food chain, A&W!


Indeed, foodies looking for something apart from their standard order can indulge in this irresistible affair at only RM15.40. The superbly crafted Mozza Burger is stacked perfectly with juicy upholstery supported by special sauces and refreshed greens that perfectly tickle your palate. All this goodness is beautifully capped off with signature crispy bacon and melty mozzarella cheese — giving you every bite filled with pure joy.


Of course, what’s a mouthwatering burger without its perfect sidekick? The golden-curled friend – our savory curly fries! Experience turns and twists like never before because these aren’t just any fries; they’re ”the” curly fries known for their desirable crispness cloaked pompously in paramount seasoning.


Now savor all this zest while sipping on an all-time favorite RB. Renowned for its unique blend of flavors that immediately uplifts spirits, it indeed reflects the promise of rejuvenation packaged in every mug.


Available across normal outlets as well as those situated amidst the exotic beauty of East Malaysia, A&W ensures no one misses out on its splendid offer. They have successfully turned mundane Mondays into marvelous feasts! The unmatchable price point only adds more allure to what already seems to be an unbeatable deal for fast food lovers.


In conclusion, A&W has transformed the dreaded Monday blues into delicious bites of delight! Sink your teeth into their extraordinary Mozza Burger, crunch on the expertly-seasoned curly fries, and take a cooling sip of the RB. You’ll surely look forward to every start of the week from now onwards! Make Mondays marvelous only with A&W’s Mozza Monday Deal !