Tony Roma’s Members’ Day 2024: Redeem Mouthwatering Dishes Using Your Points!

Tony Roma’s Members’ Day: Redeem Mouthwatering Dishes Using Your Points!

It’s Bite & Bites Members’ Day. If you haven’t signed up yet, take this as your sign to join and enjoy exclusive benefits. Redeem these mouthwatering dishes using your accumulated points—no payment required!

Tony Roma's Members' DayJoin us on the 25th and 26th of June 2024 for a delectable experience at Tony Roma’s

Burrito Salad with ChickenBurrito Salad with Chicken – Redeem at 100 points

World Famous Onion LoafWorld Famous Onion Loaf – Redeem at 150 points

Shredded Beef PenneShredded Beef Penne (Single) – Redeem at 150 points

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy these incredible dishes! Sign up now using the link below:

Link to sign up