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Availability: till 30 June 2024

Texas Chicken Promo June 2024: Discover NEW TEX DEALS Now!

Discover the unbeatable savings on your Texas Chicken favorites with the latest promo deals! Whether you’re craving rhe6 signature Fried Chicken or wanting to try something new with our Tex Rice Meals, we’ve got you covered. Dive into these spectacular offers and savor our delicious Flavored Rice Bowls, all at your nearest Texas Chicken outlet or via online ordering.


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#### Tex Mex Burrito

– Price: RM7.49

– Description: A hearty burrito filled with chicken, rice, beans, and other delicious fillings, accompanied by a side of nachos and dip.


#### Tex Mex Bowl

– Price: RM6.99

– Description: A deconstructed version of burrito ingredients, including rice, beans, vegetables, and meat, served in a bowl.


#### Tex Mex Tacos

– Price: RM7.49

– Description: Three generously filled tacos alongside a portion of nachos.


#### Tex Mex Nachos

– Price: RM6.49

– Description: A generous serving of nachos topped with jalapeños, cheese, and possibly a meat topping.


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