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Tealive’s RAMADAN PROMO 2023

Ramadan tiba, Ramadan tiba, Ramadan tiba


Eh esok Ramadan la! Ha, jom fulfill your cravings with Tealive’s RAMADAN PROMO starting today!

Choose Tealive Meletop Aussie Beef Mac and Cheese 🌶️❤️ OR Tom Yam Prawn Mac and Cheese 🍤🧡 for only RM9.90 each when you purchase any of your favorite drinks tau!

So, what are you waiting for? Walk into the nearest Tealive now. Jom la makan with us!


📍Available only at outlets with the mac and cheese icon in our website https://www.tealive.com.my/#macandcheese


*Valid at selected participatingTealive outlets.


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