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Tealive Launches Delicious New Purple Cha Cha Series 2023

Tealive Malaysia Launches Delicious New Purple Cha Cha Series

Tealive Malaysia is introducing a delicious new addition to its drink menu, the Purple Cha Cha series. This tasty new series consists of three drinks: Purple Cha Cha Choc with Sago, Purple Cha Cha Milk Tea with Sago and Purple Cha Cha Smoothie with Sago. Each drink is made with a layer of sweet potato paste, creating an unexpected yet delightful flavor.

The sweet potato paste provides a smooth texture and creamy flavor that blends perfectly with the milky drinks. With the addition of sago, each sip is sure to satisfy any craving. Tealive has created a unique combination of flavors that will tantalize your tastebuds and make you come back for more!

The Purple Cha Cha series will be available in all Tealive stores across Malaysia starting today. So what are you waiting for?