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Starbucks Coffee Specials: Unmissable Deals in Malaysia from 2nd January to 19th February 2024


In the spirit of new beginnings this 2024, Starbucks is ready to tantalize caffeine enthusiasts across Malaysia with its incredible coffee specials. From the unique Vienna Creamy Frappuccino to the aromatic Honey Plum Pure Matcha Latte and tropical Peach Plum Pearls Oolong – these special offerings are available from January 2 through February 19 only.

Coffee lovers will find comfort in each sip of our Vienna Creamy Frappuccino; a blend that marries richness with creaminess with just a touch of sweetness. If you’re looking for a gentle detour from your traditional coffee, then our Honey Plum Pure Matcha Latte could be your next stop. This bewitching brew combines the fresh taste of matcha with a sweet splash of honey and plum; an unexpected treat that you won’t regret tasting.


Lastly, for those who prefer their refreshments fruity but bold – look no further than our Peach Plum Pearls Oolong – a luxurious mix bursting with exciting flavors where juicy peach meets playful plum pearls infused into robust oolong tea.


This limited-time offer provides all Malaysians yet another reason to love Starbucks beyond their signature brews and ambient cafes. While it takes nothing away from their classics, these specials surely go above and beyond inviting patrons down roads less taken by journeying into corners less explored on coffee habits.


Don’t miss this chance – make sure to drop by your nearest Starbucks location between the 2nd of January and the 19th of February to participate in this celebration of intriguing flavors. With each cup, experience a taste adventure like no other! As always, terms and conditions apply. Hurry; these specials are waiting for you!


Indulge, savour, and let Starbucks coffee specials take you on a flavor journey this 2024 in Malaysia. Experience luxury at its best at Starbucks’ friendly prices that promise an exquisite caffeine buzz each time!