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Savor the Exciting New Arrivals at CU: Delightful Garlic Chicken Slice Bun, Creamy Coconut Caramel Pudding, and Golden Mochi!


Food lovers rejoice! Inviting new flavors have arrived at CU that promise to fuse excitement with every bite. Prepare yourself for gastronomic indulgence unfurling unique blends of flavors set to transport you to a foodie heaven.

First on the list is our Garlic Chicken Slice Bun laced with a savory goodness you can’t resist. Crafted meticulously, it guarantees an enticing crunch followed by tender chicken bursting with flavors of fresh garlic and subtle spices just waiting to tantalize your taste buds.


Next is an invitation to dessert paradise as we introduce our Creamy Coconut Caramel Pudding. Blended perfectly, its creamy consistency meets rich caramel infusions leaving traces of sweetness in every mouthful that will linger long after you’ve devoured it.


Lastly, we introduce a delightful twist of traditional Japanese dessert–Golden Mochi filled with divine orange chocolate and custard. Every piece offers the chewy pleasantness of mochi meeting unexpected bursts of fruity chocolate filled custard sure shot way to please the palate.


New tastes usually imply availability concerns, but not anymore! At CU, we are prepared for your overwhelming response. Whether you’re swinging by for a lunchtime snack or jotting down dinner plans – be among the first to sink into this flavorful feast today!


Visit CU now and relish in these exciting new arrivals that satiate every craving possible while delighting even those most particular about their palate! Fulfill your gourmet dreams at CU – where taste meets innovation!