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Savor McDonald’s New Lotus Biscoff® Ice Blended Series – Available January 2024


Immerse yourself in creamy delight with the launch of McDonald’s new Lotus Biscoff® Ice Blended Series, this January 2024. This ultimate beverage escapade is extensively designed to pique your taste buds with three intriguing variants.

Watch as winter melts away this New Year while enjoying a cool, creamy blend of the particularly cherished Lotus Biscoff®, incorporated into an icy concoction that perfectly marries flavor and texture. The unique caramelized taste of these classic Belgian cookies swirled into a refreshing icy blend offers an irresistible indulgence.


The series does not stop there. For all coffee lovers seeking more than just a caffeine fix, brace yourselves for the Ice Blended Latte enriched with the distinctive Lotus Biscoff® flavor, adding a twist to your regular coffee routine!


Additionally, catering to those looking to pep up their fruit intake, dive head-first into the scrumptious refreshment that is the Ice Blended Mango fused seamlessly with Lotus Biscoff®. This tantalizingly fruity twist alongside a hint of soothing cookie creaminess ensures an experience you won’t soon forget.


Join us at any McCafé across Malaysia as we unveil these splendid beverages – available for a limited time only. With something for everyone, you’re invited to immerse in this delightful blend of innovation and nostalgia!