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Savor Bakers Cottage’s Ayam Panggang – Ongoing Promosi RM16.99 Seekor till March 2024

Baker's Cottage

Steer your palates to a flavorful adventure with Bakers Cottage’s Ayam Panggang, now available at an incredible promotional price of RM16.99 per chicken! Great news for food lovers – respond to your gastronomic calling as they’ve pleasantly decided to extend their much-coveted promotion due to overwhelming demand until the end of March 2024.

This third-party review revels in the delicacies offered by Bakers Cottage, particularly their Ayam Panggang, famous for its rich, smoky flavor that truly distinguishes itself in the realm of culinary delights.


Now made even more enticing with the ongoing promotion, every chicken lover can bask in the savory indulgence of Ayam Panggang without putting a dent in one’s wallet. Seize this impressive offer while it lasts!


The aroma that wafts off each perfectly roasted chicken is enough to stir the senses and bring water to anyone’s mouth. The meticulousness that goes into roasting these chickens at Bakers Cottage results in a succulent and flavorsome menu item relished by all.


So go ahead and mark your calendars, ignite those taste buds because an offer like this doesn’t come too often. Savor a splendid dining experience only possible with Baker’s Cottage’s Promosi RM16.99 portion of exquisite Ayam Panggang.


Embrace how simplicity, affordability, and heavenly tastes come together at Bakers Cottage. Here’s our take – don’t let this divine culinary opportunity pass you by. Grab it today!