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Rollney’s Valentine’s Special Kurtos Ice Cream to Sweeten 14th of February 2024!


Rollney, the renowned purveyor of delectable kurtos ice cream, is thrilled to announce its Valentine’s Special set to delight taste buds on the 14th of February 2024. This exciting event promises a heartwarming treat that will add an extra layer of sweetness to this romantic day. With a unique blend of flavors and a dedication to culinary excellence, Rollney is poised to roll your taste buds into a world of deliciousness.

This Valentine’s Special from Rollney is newsworthy because it offers a delightful and innovative way for people to celebrate love and romance on this special day. The anticipation for this heartwarming treat is sure to create buzz among food enthusiasts and those seeking a memorable way to mark Valentine’s Day. Rollney has become synonymous with high-quality kurtos ice cream and is known for its commitment to creating extraordinary culinary experiences, making this announcement highly anticipated in the food industry.