Revel in an Epic Feast with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS’ EPIC ROAST 2023

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There’s no feast more fitting for the climax of your year-end celebrations than the latest offering from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS – their uniquely crafted EPIC ROAST!

Every inch of this hearty whole chicken has been marinated in Smoked BBQ Italian Herbs, ensuring juicy bites filled with a smoky, herby tang. Roasted to perfection, the chicken presents a captivating balance of flavours guaranteed to satiate every epicure’s cravings.

But what is an epic feast without exemplary accompaniments? Fear not because your Epic Roast isn’t traveling alone. This generous meal also features luscious Herb Roasted Potatoes and colourful Roasted Mixed Veggies that bring thoughtful texture and vibrant diversity to your festive table.

Adding that extra layer of deliciousness are Kenny’s signature gravies! Choose between tantalising Smoked BBQ gravy, spicy Black Pepper gravy, or stick with their revered Original Gravy. Each spoonful promises drool-worthy moments leaving everyone at your dining table incredibly pleased.

The convenience doesn’t end there either. To make sure your delicious roast stays warm until it reaches your doorsteps, each EPIC ROAST is snugly packed in a FREE insulated bag worth RM48! So regardless if you’re staging a grand party or hosting an intimate gathering, ease and quality hand-in-hand are assured when you opt for this deluxe dining experience.

Don’t wait any longer to secure this decadent treat for Christmas 2023! Visit to pre-order now and enjoy the majesty of Kenny Rogers ROASTERS’ EPIC ROAST at your festive celebration. This is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that weaves unforgettable holiday memories around the dining table!