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Relish McDonald’s Scrumptious Scrambled Egg Series – Available Mornings from January 2024


Let McDonald’s kickstart your day with mouthwatering freshness! Beginning this January 2024, put a spring in your step every morning with their enticing new Scrambled Egg Series.

Serving up the epitome of flavor and freshness, these breakfast delights boast a fluffy scramble of eggs, served up alongside sumptuous fillings like crispy chicken or a juicy chicken sausage patty. Each element dances together harmoniously, creating an orchestra of taste between two soft buns that promises to leave you satiated yet craving more.


The golden scrambled eggs are light, airy and freshly-prepared daily to ensure the utmost quality. Paired perfectly with a melted cheese layer atop either a crunch-tastic crispy chicken or an enticingly juicy chicken sausage patty ensures each bite offers an explosion of flavors.


This next-level breakfast sandwich series is available only until 10am making them both exclusive and irresistible. But fear not about rushing out early! You can conveniently order them via McDelivery or pick one up from the comfort at any Drive-Thru – all without ever having to leave the coziness of your vehicle!


With McDonald’s latest addition to their breakfast lineup, be prepared for mornings brimming with an extra serving of satisfying goodness!