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Program MADANI Rakyat 2024: Up to 50% Off PDRM Compound Reductions on 25 – 25 Feb

Are you looking to reduce your PDRM compound fines by up to 50%? Participate in the upcoming Program MADANI Rakyat 2024 scheduled from the 23rd to the 25th of February at Kompleks Sukan Kuala Selangor. This event offers a unique chance for individuals with outstanding fines to settle them at reduced rates.

The program covers a wide range of offenses, including but not limited to accidents, court summons violations, dangerous cutting on roads, misuse of emergency lanes, non-compoundable offenses (NC), disobeying traffic signals, illegal lane changing on highways, exhaust modification violations, and fines tagged as OP SELAMAT.

By taking part in the Program MADANI Rakyat 2024, participants can benefit from substantial discounts on their outstanding PDRM compound fines across various categories. Whether you have unresolved traffic violations or pending fines related to vehicle modifications or other infractions, this event provides an opportunity for you to clear your dues at significantly reduced rates.

The initiative aims to encourage compliance with traffic regulations while offering a helping hand to those burdened by accumulated fines. By availing yourself of this unique opportunity during the program dates, you can effectively address your outstanding penalties and avoid potential legal consequences associated with overdue fines.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to resolve your PDRM compound fines economically and efficiently. Mark your calendars for the Program MADANI Rakyat 2024 and take advantage of the significant discounts offered during this limited-time event.

Join us at Kompleks Sukan Kuala Selangor from 9 AM to 10 PM between the 23rd and 25th of February 2024 for a hassle-free fine settlement process. Benefit from reduced rates that can lighten your financial burden while ensuring compliance with traffic laws and regulations set forth by PDRM.

Take control of your outstanding PDRM compound fines and make use of this special opportunity provided through the Program MADANI Rakyat 2024. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can address your penalties at discounted prices within a specified timeframe during this community-focused initiative.

Plan ahead and prepare to attend the Program MADANI Rakyat 2024 to avail yourself of up to a 50% reduction in selected PDRM compound fines. This is a rare chance for individuals seeking relief from their traffic-related obligations while contributing towards safer roads and improved adherence to legal requirements.

Seize this momentous occasion aimed at supporting individuals in settling their dues with ease and affordability. Secure your slot at Kompleks Sukan Kuala Selangor during the designated program dates and take advantage of discounts on specific categories of PDRM compound fines like never before!