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PRISM+ Extended 8.8 Mega Sale: Amazing Discounts on TVs, Monitors, and Soundbars!

Now’s the best time to upgrade your setup!

PRISM+ has kicked off its highly anticipated Extended 8.8 Mega Sale, offering an incredible array of TVs, monitors, and soundbars at unbeatable prices. This sale presents an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home entertainment or workstation setup without breaking the bank.

Some of the highlights of the PRISM+ Extended 8.8 Mega Sale include:

PRISM+ Televisions:

·        Q-Series Ultra QLED Google TV

o   Q55 Ultra = RM2,299 (RM4,999)

o   Q65 Ultra = RM3,299 (RM6,999)

o   Q75 Ultra = RM4,499 (RM12,999)

·        Q-Series PRO Android TV

o   Q55 PRO QE = RM2,099 (RM4,599)

o   Q65 PRO QE = RM2,999 (RM5,999)

·        Q-Series Android TV

o   Q43-QE = RM1,299 (RM3,199)

o   Q55-QE = RM1,699 (RM3,599)

o   Q65-QE = RM2,599 (RM5,399)

PRISM+ Monitors:

o   F240n = RM629 (RM979)

o   X270 PRO = RM1,099 (RM2,499)

o   X300 = RM1,199 (RM2,299)

o   X340 PRO 165Hz = RM1,699 (RM4,999)

PRISM+ Soundbars:

o   Flow = RM799 (RM1,399)

o   Ripple = RM1,599 (RM3,299)

o   Symphony = RM1,999 (RM4,399)


The PRISM+ Extended 8.8 Mega Sale is an exciting opportunity for tech enthusiasts to upgrade their home entertainment or workstation setups. With a wide range of TVs and monitors available at unbeatable prices, PRISM+ continues to deliver on its promise of exceptional quality and affordability. Whether you’re a movie lover, a gamer, or a professional seeking top-notch displays, this sale has something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity, and visit PRISM+’s website today at https://prismplus.my/and take your entertainment or work experience to the next level!