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OldTown White Coffee Nasi Lemak Rahman 2023

OldTown White Coffee is proud to announce the launch of its new affordable Nasi Lemak Rahmah menu. The Menu Rahmah initiative was created by OldTown to provide affordable meals for Malaysians all day long. The Nasi Lemak Rahmah menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, all priced at only RM4.50. These include Nasi Lemak Rahmah with Sausage Lime Drink, and Nasi Lemak Rahmah with Minced Chicken Lime Drink.

This new menu is part of OldTown’s commitment to providing Malaysians with the best quality food at an affordable price. With the introduction of this new menu, it is easy for customers to enjoy delicious meals without having to break the bank.