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Availability: till 30 June 2024

NSK: Unbeatable Deal on Hamza Dates 400g | Buy 1 Get 1 Free | April 2024 Promotion

NSK is thrilled to announce an unbeatable deal on everyone’s favorite – Hamza Dates! Starting April 8, 2024, you can get your hands on the premium quality Hamza Dates 400g for just RM5.29 per unit with an irresistible Buy 1 Free 1 offer.


Imagine savoring the rich sweetness of dates while enjoying double the quantity at an unbeatable price. This limited-time promotion is designed to treat you and your loved ones to a delightful experience that combines health benefits and great taste.


Hamza Dates are renowned for their quality and unmatched flavor. Packed with essential nutrients and natural sweetness, they make a perfect snack or addition to your recipes. Whether you pair them with nuts for a quick energy boost or use them in baking for a nutritious twist, Hamza Dates never disappoint.


With this incredible promotion, there’s no better time to stock up on these delectable treats. Bring home the goodness of Kurma Hamza and elevate your snacking experience. Share the joy of dates with your family and friends; after all, good food tastes even better when shared with loved ones.


Remember, this offer is available only while stocks last! Rush to your nearest NSK branch today to avail yourself of this exclusive deal before it’s too late. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip away – mark your calendars for April 8, 2024, and make the most of this amazing promotion.


NSK is committed to bringing you not only quality products but also fantastic offers that add value to your shopping experience. Take advantage of this special promotion and treat yourself to Hamza Dates – nature’s candy that promises health and happiness with every bite.


Don’t wait until it’s too late; head over to NSK today and indulge in the goodness of Hamza Dates at an unbelievable price. Spread the word among your friends and family so they too can enjoy this fantastic deal. Hurry, seize the moment, because delights like these are meant to be savored now!


Make sure not to miss out on this golden chance – visit NSK soon before stocks vanish! Let’s celebrate the joy of eating well together with Kurma Hamza – because great moments are made sweeter with great deals like these.