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New 4Fingers Crispy Fish Burger Makes Waves with Irresistible Flavour Combos

4Fingers Crispy Chicken

4Fingers is making a splash with the launch of their all-new Crispy Fish Burger, offering an abundance of flavourful combos that are sure to tantalize taste buds across the country. This latest addition to the 4Fingers menu features a perfect combination of tender fish and succulent chicken, all in one mouthwatering dish. Priced from RM25.80, this sea-sational creation promises to satisfy cravings for both seafood and poultry enthusiasts.


The Crispy Fish Burger is a testament to 4Fingers’ dedication to providing innovative and delectable options for their customers. With its unique blend of textures and tastes, this new offering is set to elevate the dining experience at 4Fingers and redefine the expectations of fast-casual dining. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a combo meal, the Crispy Fish Burger is a must-try for food lovers seeking a fresh take on classic flavours.


Dive into an ocean of culinary delight and experience the irresistible allure of the new Crispy Fish Burger at your nearest 4Fingers location today. Embrace the fusion of fish and chicken like never before, only at 4Fingers.