MyCTOS Score Report RM3 Cashback with TNG eWallet Campaign

This campaign begins on 1 August 2022 to 31 August 2022, both dates inclusive.

To get RM3 cashback, you just need to successfully purchase a MyCTOS Score Report at RM24.85 from your Touch ‘n Go eWallet application.

You are only entitled to receive ONE (1) cashback reward from this promotion throughout the promotion period. The cashback will be credited to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet within FIVE (5) working days (Monday till Friday, excluding Malaysia public holidays) after the transaction is made.

Q1 What does this promotion offer?

A1 This promotion offers RM3.00 cashback for a MyCTOS Score Report purchased via Touch ‘n Go eWallet application during promotion period.

Q2 Can I participate in this promotion?

A2 This promotion is open to all Touch n’ Go eWallet users.

Q3 When is the promotion period?

A3 The promotion begins on 1 August 2022 and ends on 31 August 2022 (both dates inclusive).

Q4 What is in a MyCTOS Score Report?

A4 It is a personal credit report that contains detailed information about your debt, account histories for credit cards and loans such as payment history, including any late payments, your credit limits or loan amounts, your account balances and credit inquiries. Legal cases and bankruptcies are also listed in a separate section of the credit report as well as directorships, business interests and non-bank debts (Trade Reference).

The report also includes your credit score and recommendations on what you can do to improve this score.

Q5 Why should purchase a MyCTOS Score Report?

A5 It is good financial management practise to understand your credit health. With the recommendations in the report, you can also work towards improving your credit score.

Besides, banks and other lenders use this information as part of the credit evaluation process before approving any credit applications like credit cards and loans. Knowing what’s in your credit report will help you identify areas to fix so you can get higher changes of loan approval.

The importance of having a good credit report isn’t limited to financial products only. Potential landlords may also review your credit report to decide whether to rent their property to you or not. Some employers even check credit reports as part of the job application process.

Q6 Will my credit score in the MyCTOS Score Report change over time?

A6 Yes, it will. We recommend a new report every 3 months to check if your credit score has improved and for you to be updated on where you stand in your credit health.

Q7 Where can I view my cashback?

A7 You can view your RM3.00 cashback in your Touch n’ Go eWallet Transaction History.

Q8 When can I receive cashback?

A8 The RM3.00 cashback will be sent to eligible users latest by FIVE (5) working days after the successful purchase of a MyCTOS Score Report from Touch n’ Go eWallet mobile application.

Q9 Is there a limit to number of users who can get the cashback?

A9 Yes, only the first 40,000 successful purchase of a MyCTOS Score Report from Touch n’ Go eWallet mobile application during the promotion period is eligible for the cashback.

Q10 If I purchase more than 1 MyCTOS Score Report during promotion period, am I eligible for the cashback more than once?

A10 RM3.00 cashback is limited to ONE (1) per user.

Q11 Who do I contact should I need help?

A11 You may submit your queries to or you may also call the TNGD careline at +(603) 5022 3888 for further assistance. The operating hours are Monday to Sunday, 7.00am to 10.00pm (including public holidays).