My Lotus’s Power Up RM5 Vouchers Redemption


Power Up campaign is for My Lotus’s members only. Members gets to convert 500 points for a RM5 cash voucher that can be used online or in store.


Terms & Conditions:

1. Member collects 500 points, once 500 points are collected member can redeem for a RM5 Cash voucher.

2. RM5 Cash voucher is issued in member’s Lotus’s account under the “My Rewards” section on the app.

3. The conversion of 500 points to RM5 cash voucher can only be made within the said period:

a. 2 February – 1 March 2023

4. Participation in the campaign is automatic for all existing members and newly registered members who have logged into the app.

5. Each member is required to use his/her own My Lotus’s account and meet the points threshold of 500 points to convert to ONE (1) RM5 cash voucher.

6. Each member can only convert/redeem ONE (1) RM5 cash voucher during campaign period.

Scenario 1:

⦁ 2 February 2023, member has 100 points he/she needs to collect 400 more points to convert to ONE (1) RM5 cash voucher.

⦁ 15 February 2023, member has collected 500 points he/she will be able to redeem and convert 500 points to ONE (1) RM5 cash voucher.

Scenario 2:

⦁ 2 February 2023, member has 25,000 points he/she can immediately redeem and convert 500 points to ONE (1) RM5 cash voucher.

⦁ 3 February 2023, member has 24,500 points remaining, but he/she will not be able to redeem and convert 500 points the second time.

* Each member can convert/redeem ONE (1) time only during campaign period.

7. Customers who registered as new member within the campaign period will automatically participate in the campaign and can start collecting points.

8. The voucher will be issued in Lotus’s App under “My Rewards.” Member can only use/redeem the cash voucher ONCE in store or online on Lotus’s Shop Online.

9. The cash voucher will be valid until:

a. 31 March 2023

Other Terms & Conditions:

1. My Lotus’s discount voucher can be redeemed once only in store or online.

2. This My Lotus’s discount voucher should only be redeemed during the date stated only.

3. My Lotus’s discount voucher is not exchangeable for cash, not transferable and non-refundable.

4. Purchase value must be equivalent to or higher than the value of voucher. If the purchase value is higher than the value of the voucher, then customer shall pay the difference. The voucher cannot be used in a purchase transaction if the purchase value is below the value of the voucher.

5. My Lotus’s points will not be awarded for redemption of My Lotus’s discount vouchers.

6. My Lotus’s discount vouchers can be used together with cash (legal tender), credit card or debit card but excludes purchase of any Gift Vouchers, reloads, at our food courts or at any outlets not operated by Lotus’s Malaysia.

7. My Lotus’s discount vouchers have a validity period with expiry date clearly stated, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued.

8. Copied, damaged or defaced discount vouchers will not be accepted nor replaced.

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