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McDonald’s Offers Spicy Rewards Through Traditional Orange Toss for Chinese New Year Celebration


In a unique and exciting celebration of the Chinese New Year, McDonald’s Malaysia is inviting customers to participate in a traditional orange toss with a modern twist. By simply heading to the McD App and clicking on the Orange Toss tile, customers can engage in this age-old custom and earn spicy rewards in the process. This innovative campaign combines tradition with technology, offering an interactive and rewarding experience for customers during this festive season.


By tossing oranges into the basket through the McD App, participants can accumulate points to claim their rewards. Upon reaching at least 88 points, customers will receive a voucher to purchase one ala carte Spicy Chicken Wrap or Spicy Chicken McDeluxe for only RM1. This promotion not only embraces the cultural significance of Chinese New Year but also provides customers with an exciting opportunity to enjoy delicious and spicy treats at an unbeatable price.


This limited-time offer promotes engagement and excitement among McDonald’s customers as they celebrate the Chinese New Year. The fusion of tradition and modern convenience makes this campaign newsworthy, as it showcases McDonald’s commitment to creating unique and enjoyable experiences for its patrons. Terms and conditions apply for this promotion, which is available for a limited time only.

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