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McDonald’s Limited-Time Prosperity Burger Meal 2023 /2024 – An Unmissable Experience 


Indulge in the Flavorful Spectacle of McDonald’s Prosperity Burger™ in Malaysia

Packed full of rich black pepper sauce and paired with their irresistible Curly Fries, the Prosperity Burger™ is back at McDonald’s. The nostalgic aroma of this burger has become a symbol of prosperity and joy amongst food enthusiasts across Malaysia.


What makes this year’s return special? The coming together of the Prosperity Burger™ with the iconic Prosperity McFizz™! Yes, that’s right – an unforgettable meal can’t be complete without a refreshing fizzy drink to complement it.


In for a sweet ride? McDonald’s has upped their dessert game too! Double down on caramel goodness with two new additions: Salted Caramel Chocolate McFlurry™ and irresistibly warm Banana Caramel Pie. These delightful pairings invite you to dunk into swirls of caramel topped with chocolate bits, closely followed by the crunchiness of Banana pie!


Remember, these incredible offerings are available only for a limited time. So whether you’re picking up via McDelivery, Drive-Thru or dining in-store, make sure it’s at McDonald’s!