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Matcha Macam Series: A Flavorful Adventure at ZUS Coffee

Matcha Macam Series: A Flavorful Adventure at ZUS Coffee

Discover the delightful range of Matcha Macam flavors at ZUS Coffee! From the intriguing Not Pistachio Latté to the refreshing Matcha Lemonade, there’s a whisker-licking delight for every taste bud. Join us from 17th June and find your new favorite matcha treat!

ZUS Coffee Matcha Macam Series

Matcha Macam Flavours For Our ZUSsies!

Pistachio or not, that’s the question! Our Not Pistachio Latté 🍵 will keep you guessing with all the flavour and none of the nuts! A true whisker-licking delight! 🐾

But wait, there’s more! Our Matcha Strawberry Latté 🍓✨ is a creamy strawberry blend kissed by matcha. It’s so dreamy, you’ll be purring on cloud nine!

Feeling sour? No worries! We’ve transformed those lemons into Matcha Lemonade 🍋 for a refreshing twist. It’s the purr-fect way to turn a sour day sweet!

Paws up for our Zirty Matcha 🍃, now with a matcha makeover! Experience a zearthiness that’s refreshing and bold.

Purr-haps our Matcha Macam Series will be your new favourite! Whether you’re a coffee lover or a curious cat, come find out starting 17th June 2024.