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LiHO Tea’s Journey Into Genshin Impact With Their New Low-Calorie Milk Tea Series 2024

Experience an exceptional taste adventure with the unique collaboration between LiHO Tea and the popular game title ‘Genshin Impact.’ Designed as a healthier beverage option, this milk tea series features Light Calorie and Sugar varieties, topped off with their distinctive Light Fluffy Milk Cloud foam.

Relish in Jean’s selected drink – Money Money Light Milk Tea Cloud. A perfect embodiment of Jean’s graceful demeanor, this delectable concoction mingles luscious Glutinous Rice Dark Tea with the light fluffy milk cloud to produce an indulgent velvety delight.


Journey forth to Klee’s favored brew – Orchid Tie Guan Yin Light Milk Tea Cloud. Echoing her lively spirit, its handpicked orchid tea emits a sweet aroma that delicately pairs with soft fluffy clouds for a joyous sensation.


To be noted, due to certain ingredients, these captivatingly flavorful beverages are not suitable for pregnant women. Dive into the world of Genshin Impact at LiHO outlets this October!


Join the celebration of crossover realities through our epic tasting odyssey only with LiHo!