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KFC Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo in Malaysia 2023


Introducing the Irresistible KFC Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo in Malaysia!

Craving for some finger-lickin’ goodness? no further than the new KFC Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo, now available in Malaysia. Packed with fiery flavors and irresistible crunch, this combo is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.


For just RM27.49, you can indulge in the 3-pc Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo. This tantalizing offer includes three pieces of juicy Spicy BBQ Crunch chicken, accompanied by a serving of Whipped Potato (4oz), Coleslaw (4oz), and a refreshing Coca-Cola (M).

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller portion, the 2-pc Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo is perfect for you at only RM21.99. Along with two pieces of delectable Spicy BBQ Crunch chicken, this combo also comes with Whipped Potato (4oz), Coleslaw (4oz), and Coca-Cola (M).


Want more variety to your meal? Opt for the Spicy BBQ Crunch Box Meal priced at RM26.49. This delightful combo consists of one piece of mouthwatering Spicy BBQ Crunch chicken, Zinger Classic burger, Fries (M), Coleslaw (4oz), and Coca-Cola (M).


For those who are extra hungry or planning to share a meal with friends, don’t miss out on the 5-pc Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo priced at RM48.49. With five succulent pieces of Spicy BBQ Crunch chicken, a generous serving of Whipped Potato (14oz), six pieces of Nuggets, and two Coca-Cola beverages (M) to quench your thirst.


Don’t miss your chance to try these amazing deals from KFC Malaysia’s menu. Hurry over to your nearest KFC outlet today and treat yourself to the ultimate flavor experience that satisfies your cravings.


Whether you’re a fan of bold and spicy flavors or you simply enjoy the irresistible crunch of perfectly fried chicken, the KFC Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo is sure to leave you craving for more. Head over to KFC Malaysia today and indulge in this unbeatable combo offer!


Visit your nearest KFC outlet or order online now to savor the finger-lickin’ goodness of the Spicy BBQ Crunch Combo at a special price. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering deal!


Note: Prices may vary across different locations. Terms and conditions apply.