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KFC Fiery Golden Egg Crunch 2024


KFC Unveils New Fiery Golden Egg Crunch in Malaysia, Launching February 2024

KFC’s latest offering, the Fiery Golden Egg Crunch, is set to make waves in Malaysia starting February 2024. This limited-time menu addition promises a tantalizing blend of fiery flavors and golden crunch, providing an exciting new option for KFC enthusiasts. The Fiery Golden Egg Crunch Combo, available in both 3-piece and 2-piece options at RM25.49 and RM18.99 respectively, offers a deliciously affordable way for customers to savor this innovative creation. Additionally, the Fiery Golden Egg Burger Box Meal at RM24.99 provides a convenient and satisfying dining experience for those looking to try the new offering.

This new menu launch from KFC is sure to excite food lovers across Malaysia with its unique combination of fiery spices and crispy texture. As KFC continues to innovate its menu offerings, the introduction of the Fiery Golden Egg Crunch demonstrates the brand’s commitment to delivering bold and irresistible flavors to its customers. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to experience the fiery goodness of KFC’s latest creation.


About KFC – With a legacy spanning decades, KFC is renowned for its delicious fried chicken and innovative menu offerings that continue to delight customers worldwide.