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15 Apr

Jom cuti-cuti Malaysia with Free RM100 Worth MH Promo Codes

The beauty of Malaysia – from soothing vistas, captivating wildlife, to mesmerising natural landscapes – all within reach.


Claim your MH Promo Code today, to enjoy MYR 100 off your next domestic flight purchase with us as you explore beautiful Malaysia. We have up to 5,000 promo codes available on a first come, first served basis. So hurry, claim yours now!​

Stimulus Cuti Malaysia is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia to promote travel and tourism within the country.

Redeem Here

To claim your promo code, follow these steps:​

Step 1: Log in to your Enrich account or register now for free.​

Step 2: Fill in your details for verification purposes. Add up to 8 travellers.​

Step 3: Click the ✔️ icon to select your travellers and “Get the promo code now” to receive your promo code. You will receive an email from us with the confirmation details within 7 days.​

To redeem your promo code and book your flight, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Select your Departure destination, Arrival destination and travel dates.​

Step 3: Key in your promo code.​

Step 4: Click ‘Book now’ and the MYR 100 discount will be instantly reflected in the Fare Summary.

​Important note: As this offer is for those who have yet to claim the MYR 100 Stimulus voucher, you will not be able to claim the promo code if you have already claimed and booked from the recent Stimulus Campaign (July – August 2022). This promo code is not applicable to infants. No profiles are required for infants. Parents/guardians need to add the number of infants for booking at the destination selection stage. Standard fares for infants apply.​

The mechanics of the Campaign are as follows:
1. Participants will need to log in using their Enrich credentials, those who are not yet
Enrich members will need to sign up and include their NRIC number on the registration
page to claim the free RM100 MH Promo Code at The free RM100 MH Promo Code with
code number and validity period will be delivered via email once the details are
submitted and been approved by Malaysia Airlines
2. A maximum of up to 8 adult and child travellers can be added to register and NRIC
number of each traveller must be included.
3. The free RM100 MH Promo Code delivered to those eligible after the registration is valid
to any destination within Malaysia only. Passengers who have booked from the recent
Stimulus Campaign (July – Aug 2022) are not eligible for this campaign.
4. All flights must be booked on the Malaysia Airlines website or Mobile App. Any bookings
made via Contact Centre, ticket offices, travel agents or any other ground channels are
not eligible.
5. The MYR 100 MH Promo code does not apply to infants and children.
6. A discount of MYR 100 will be applied in the fare once you fill out your promo code at
the booking widget.
7. Every passenger is only allowed to claim the MYR 100 MH Promo Code once for
domestic flight ticket only. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is eligible for one time use
only and if the total amount payable is less than RM100, the balance amount will be
8. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable
for cash or kind whether in part or in full. Any unutilised MYR 100 MH Promo Code is
non-refundable after its expiry date.
9. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is not applicable for Enrich points redemption booking.
10. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is not eligible to be combined with the promotion code.
11. If the MYR 100 MH Promo Code amount is not sufficient for a new booking, the
remaining amount can be paid using a credit card.
12. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code cannot be used to pay for a date and/or flight change on
MH website and mobile application. However, passengers can use other modes of
payments for the same.
13. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code can be used for booking with currency in MYR only, not
eligible for Multi-Currency Payment (MCP) and Book Now Pay Later option.
14. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is valid for return flights on Malaysia Airlines Economy
and Business Class normal fares on Malaysia Airlines operated flights including on
Firefly, MASwings and codeshare flights to all domestic flights with currency in MYR
15. In order to utilize or to make payment with the MYR 100 MH Promo Code, the
passenger’s name in a booking and promo code should be the same.
16. All other promotion code or special fares are not entitled under this Campaign.
17. Any refunds or cancellations are subject to the respective fare rules and cancelation
only can be done through our call centre.
18. In case of cancellation of tickets which are booked using the MYR 100 MH Promo Code,
the amount paid through voucher is forfeited and will not be refunded.
19. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is not eligible for purchase of MHinsure (travel insurance)
during the booking process.
20. The MYR 100 MH Promo Code is also not eligible for purchase of services via Manage
21. Consent to Transfer and Use: The individual making the purchase using the MYR 100 MH
Promo Code has further acknowledged and agreed that by providing Malaysia Airlines
with any personal or proprietary information, the individual hereby expressly give their
consent to the transmission of such personal or proprietary information over
international borders for the purpose of processing the relevant transactions. The
individual hereby gives their further consent to the use of such personal data on an
anonymized basis for statistical objectives.
22. Malaysia Airlines shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any disruption during the
MYR 100 MH Promo Code transaction, whether due to technical problems or otherwise,
which is beyond its reasonable control. In the event of any disruption, reasonable effort
shall be used to remedy the disruption and resume the purchased product transaction
on a fair and equitable basis.
23. Malaysia Airlines reserves the absolute right to cancel, terminate or suspend the usage
of the MYR 100 MH Promo Code without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, any
cancellation, termination or suspension by Malaysia Airlines shall not entitle the
individual making the purchase or any Enrich member to any claim or compensation
against Malaysia Airlines, its agents and employees for any and all losses or damages
and any consequential damages thereof suffered or incurred as a direct or an indirect
result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension thereof.
24. The Terms and Conditions herein shall be construed, governed, and interpreted in
accordance with the laws of Malaysia. The individual making the purchase agree to
submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia over all matters arising
from this MYR 100 MH Promo Code transaction.
25. Malaysia Airlines reserves the absolute right to reserve or remove MYR 100 MH Promo
Code converted incorrectly or not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions at any
time without prior notice.
26. By participating in transaction using the MYR 100 MH Promo Code, it shall be deemed
that the individual making the purchase has read and agreed to be bound by these
Terms and Conditions. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions may, at Malaysia
Airlines’ absolute discretion, result in forfeiture of any of points purchased.
27. In the event of any issues regarding conversion from the e-ticket to the MYR 100 MH
Promo Code, you may reach out to our Customer Service by filling up this form.
28. In case your original ticket which was converted to the MYR 100 MH Promo Code is
eligible for one-time fare difference waiver as per MH Commercial Waiver Policy, please
call our contact centre in order to avail the benefit.
29. One-time fare difference waiver can be available only when the MYR 100 MH Promo
Code is fully unutilized.
30. Flight tickets booked under this Campaign shall be subject to MAB’s prevailing policies,
rules and regulations which shall include the General Conditions of Carriage, a copy of
which can be found on
31. Other fare conditions and rules apply.