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Introducing Maru Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Soft Serve – Now at Maru Kafe!

Calling all dessert lovers in Malaysia! Get ready for a taste of pure indulgence as Maru Kafe introduces its latest irresistible treat: the Maru Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Soft Serve!


Imagine this: the smooth, velvety texture of fresh Hokkaido milk perfectly blended with the rich, decadent flavor of premium chocolate. It’s a match made in dessert heaven, and it’s now available at your nearest Maru Kafe.


A Symphony of Flavors

This isn’t just any ordinary soft serve. We’ve taken the finest ingredients to create an experience that will tantalize your taste buds:

    • Creamy Hokkaido Milk: Known for its superior quality and rich, slightly sweet flavor, Hokkaido milk forms the base of this delectable treat.


    • Premium Chocolate: We use only the finest chocolate to create a rich and satisfying chocolate experience.


Exclusive Offer for Maru Members

That’s not all! As a thank you to our loyal customers, we’re offering an exclusive 20% discount on the Maru Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Soft Serve for all Maru members. Not a member yet? It’s easy to sign up and start enjoying exclusive perks like this!


Don’t Miss Out!

Head down to your nearest Maru Kafe today and treat yourself to the irresistible Maru Hokkaido Milk Chocolate Soft Serve. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss out on this tasty treat!