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Introducing KRR Oriental Paper Wrapped Chicken: A Culinary Sensation Unveiled!

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) is proud to unveil its latest culinary sensation, the KRR Oriental Paper Wrapped Chicken. This innovative dish promises to tantalize the taste buds of food enthusiasts with its intense and delicious aroma, delivering a tender and succulent skinless whole chicken leg caramelized in flavorful Asian marinades.

Available in three delightful meal options, the Paper Wrapped Chicken Rice Meal offers a paper wrapped whole chicken leg served with Golden Rice, while the Lite Meal includes the addition of one side dish of your choice. For those seeking a more indulgent dining experience, the Paper Wrapped Chicken Meal comprises a whole chicken leg, Golden Rice, two honey-glazed spring rolls, and two side dishes of your choosing.


This delectable offering will be available at all KRR locations in Malaysia except for those in Sarawak and Lalaport. With prices inclusive of service tax and service charge where applicable, customers can look forward to an unforgettable dining experience that showcases the best of Asian flavors.


For more information or to sample this exquisite new creation, visit any KRR location in Malaysia today and elevate your dining experience with the KRR Oriental Paper Wrapped Chicken.