HWC Coffee’s Exclusive Rasa-Kuih Raya Series: 50% Off Your 2nd Cup Promo!

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In search of a unique coffee experience that tantalizes your taste buds while celebrating traditional flavors? Look no further! Between the 18th of March and the 19th of April, 2024, HWC Coffee is offering an incredible promotion that perfectly blends tradition with modernity. Treat yourself to any handcrafted beverage (excluding bottled drinks) from our wide selection and get your hands on a second cup from our exclusive Rasa-Kuih Raya series at half price!

**Celebrate Tradition with Every Sip**


Our Rasa-Kuih Raya series is not just about coffee; it’s a cultural journey crafted from the finest Eco Brown Rice. Each drink in this series draws inspiration from traditional Malaysian delicacies, ensuring each sip brings nostalgia and joy. The promotional period runs from March 18th through April 19th, between the hours of 4 PM until closing, giving you plenty of time to indulge in these uniquely crafted beverages.


**Choices Galore in the Rasa-Kuih Raya Series**


The selections within our Rasa-Kuih Raya lineup include:


– **Golden Corn & Rice Caffe Latte (Kopi Kuih Jagung)**: A perfect blend of golden corn with eco-friendly brown rice milk, resulting in a latte that’s not only unique but also enriching.


– **Blue Rice Kaya Milk (Pulut Tai Tai)**: A homage to the traditional Pulut Tai Tai dessert, this drink combines the vibrant hues and subtle sweetness of blue rice with creamy kaya for an irresistible treat.


– **Pandan Coconut Rice Milk (Seri Muka Pandan)**: Savor the marvelous combination of pandan and coconut rice milk that promises an exhilarating taste sensation reminiscent of Seri Muka Pandan dessert.


This deal applies to all walk-in customers, HWC APP orders, and pick-up orders at any HWC COFFEE store location. Make sure not to miss out on this fabulous offer – whether you’re revisiting your favorite or are looking to discover something new within our selection. It’s more than just a coffee; it’s a sensory journey embracing Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage.


So why wait? Mark your calendars! Visit us at any time between 4 PM till closing from March 18 to April 19, —>2024<— , to enjoy this unparalleled offer. Let’s make every sip count with HWC Coffee’s remarkable fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. Don’t forget – when you choose HWC Coffee, you’re choosing an experience that encompasses both culture and quality like no other.


Prepare for an unforgettable palette adventure with HWC Coffee’s latest promo – where we honor traditions one cup at a time. See you there!