HWC Coffee: Treat Your Parents to a Heartwarming Surprise this Parents’ Day 2024 + Free Bottle of Kinohimitsu Birdnest – May 2024

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As the gentle breeze of May meanders through the air, it brings with it the essence of love and appreciation for those who have nurtured us with unwavering care – our parents. This Parents’ Day, step into the heartwarming embrace of HWC Coffee and indulge in an exclusive treat crafted especially for your beloved guardians.


From the 5th of May to the 31st, immerse yourself in the comforting aroma and rich flavors of our Brown Sugar Caffe Latte, a fusion that awakens your senses and soothes your soul. With each sip, let warmth envelop you as you reminisce on cherished moments shared with your parents over cups of steaming coffee.

But wait, there’s more to elevate this experience of gratitude! As an added touch to honor the ones who mean the world to you, we present you with a complimentary bottle of Kinohimitsu Birdnest. Symbolizing nourishment and care, this gift encapsulates our appreciation for all that your parents have done for you throughout your life’s journey.


At HWC Coffee, we understand the significance of family bonds and the importance of expressing heartfelt emotions in meaningful gestures. Our Special Offer extends beyond just a cup of coffee; it is a bridge that connects your gratitude to their unwavering love.


To sweeten this deal even further, here are some terms & conditions for your convenience:

1. Enjoy this offer ALL DAY, every day including weekends and Public Holidays.

2. Available at all nationwide locations.

3. Valid for walk-ins, takeaways, pick-ups & deliveries.

4. This promotion can be combined with other vouchers or promotions except Classic Monday Promotion.


Remember, generosity knows no bounds but stocks do! Hurry and seize this opportunity as it’s first come first serve until supplies last.


This Parents’ Day celebration is not just about caffeine fix but also about creating lasting memories filled with love and appreciation. Visit your nearest HWC COFFEE brand store today or order online at https://www.hwccoffee.my/brandstores to embark on a heartfelt journey of gratitude with us.


Make this Parents’ Day one they will cherish forever – because at HWC Coffee, every cup tells a story woven with love!