Grab the School Holi-Yay Promo at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia | Enjoy RM46.90 Savings on December 2023!

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‘Tis the season of joy with School holidays just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with irresistible offers from Domino’s Pizza! We are excited to announce that our much-loved SCHOOL HOLI-YAY promo is making its grand comeback this December 2023.

Fantasising over a mouthwatering slice of pizza? Well, hold your hats because you can now indulge in a large pizza for an unbeatable price of just RM 1. Yes, you read it right; your favorite cheesy delight comes at an incredible bargain that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

In this outstanding offer, you only need to purchase one regular pizza at standard price RM35.90, and voila! You earn the chance to grab another large pizza by paying merely an extra RM 1. Sounds unreal? But it is as real as it gets!

With this deal, you will be saving a whopping RM46.90 on your delicious meal. A tasty treat for your stomach and wallet alike!

However, remember these magic words – ‘EAUG’. This is the code you have to use while ordering to unlock this fantastic promo deal. Without entering this crucial piece of information while placing your order overthecounter, the school holiday promotion remains out of grasp.

The excitement doesn’t end here though; we’re spread all across Malaysia! Be it any city or town, you are never too far from our outlets. Hungry students (and not-so-student folks), hurry up and head to your nearest Domino’s outlet and enjoy our SCHOOL HOLI-YAY Promo.


So what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity coming in December 2023 and turn the school holidays into a true Holi-Yay affair! Enjoy biting into heavenly slices from Domino’s while basking in the joy of massive savings.


The SCHOOL HOLI-YAY promo awaits you at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia. Treat your taste buds to our delectable pizzas while feasting on remarkable discounts. Order now and enjoy some pizza love this holiday season!


Disclaimer: This promotion is not valid for online or delivery orders. Offer only available through over-the-counter orders at Domino’s Pizza outlets located across Malaysia. Remember to use the code ‘EAUG’ at checkout.