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Get Your Second OH CHA MATCHA Cup for Only RM3 on Jan 2024 Promotion

Enjoy the traditional taste of Japan right here in Malaysia with OH CHA MATCHA’s exclusive deal at One Utama Shopping Mall. If you’re a ONECARD member, savor not one, but two cups of refreshing matcha beverages at an unbeatable price! With every first purchase, get your second cup for just RM3. Soak up the antioxidants while delighting your tastebuds.

OH CHA MATCHA is not only committed to sourcing premium quality matcha from Japan; they are plucking health and affordability together in this deal, making clean living accessible to all.


Whether it’s a tea date or a solo retreat, immerse yourself in calming sips of comfort as you unravel amidst the bustle. Remember it isn’t just about quenching thirst; It’s appreciating moments that make up life.


But hurry! This promotion expires on 31st January 2024. Check out their kiosk today, flash your ONECARD and enjoy this delectable discount before it’s gone. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer from OH CHA MATCHA – where health meets flavour without breaking your wallet!


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