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Get your hands on the free New Apple iPhone 14 worth RM4,199 or guarantee RM400 worth TNG eWallet credit with New Citi Credit Cards

Get your hands on the free New Apple iPhone 14 worth RM4,199 or guarantee RM400 worth TNG eWallet credit. Just apply via CompareHero, activate and spend with Citi Credit Card today!


The New Apple iPhone 14 is now available for free with a Citibank Credit Card. Apply via CompareHero to get this great deal today. The iPhone 14 is the newest addition to the Apple family and boasts a variety of new features, making it a must-have for any Apple fan. With CompareHero, you can get your hands on this great phone for free. So don’t wait any longer, apply today!


Campaign Mechanics
8. Cardholders who fulfil the Campaign Eligibility requirements set out in Clauses 4 and 5, and their subclauses above,
will be considered a “Successful Cardholder” of the CCFD2209CT5-Campaign.

9. Each Successful Cardholder may be entitled to and shall only receive one (1) Campaign Gift or one (1) Consolation
Gift (each as defined below), as applicable, regardless of the number of approved and activated Eligible Credit Cards
issued by Citibank.

10. A “Campaign Gift” is defined as One (1) unit of Apple iPhone 14 128GB worth RM4,199 (recommended retail value).
The total number of Campaign Gifts to be issued is limited to ten (10) units only and no further Campaign Gifts shall
be issued once the stock has exhausted.

11. Every 14th (fourteenth) Successful Cardholder who has applied for the Eligible Credit Cards through CompareHero in
the following order, chronologically (i.e. from earliest to latest, based on the date and timestamp of their application,
as recorded by CompareHero’s internal IT systems): fourteenth, twenty-eighth, forty-second, fifty-sixth and so on
shall be eligible to receive a Campaign Gift until the maximum units of Campaign Gifts available, as set out above,
have been exhausted. The selection as set out above shall be done by CompareHero, not Citibank, and the final
determination of such selected applicants shall be made by CompareHero in its absolute discretion based on the
application frequency set out above. Successful Cardholders who have selected a particular Campaign Gift as their
preferred gift during the application user journey on CompareHero should note that such selection is not final and
binding but is subject to these Campaign Terms and Conditions and stock availability.

12. Successful Cardholders who are not eligible to receive a Campaign Gift pursuant to Clauses 10 and 11 above, will
instead be entitled to receive one (1) Consolation Gift. A “Consolation Gift” is defined as one (1) unit of Touch ‘n Go
eWallet credit worth RM400.

13. Successful Cardholders who receive the Campaign Gift or the Consolation Gift, as applicable, shall not be eligible to
participate in other sign-up card campaigns, promotions or offers by Citibank or its third-party sales agent