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Free Soft Serve at Burger King on 26 July 2023

Burger King

Free Soft Serve at Burger King Malaysia: Special Offer for ‘Kenny,’ ‘Kendal,’ ‘Kendra,’ ‘Kenshi,’ or Anyone with a Name Containing ‘Ken’ (July 2023)

Are you a fan of Burger King’s delectable soft serve? Well, we have exciting news for you! For one day only, this Wednesday on the 26th of July 2023, Burger King Malaysia is offering a free soft serve to anyone with the name “Kenny,” “Kendal,” “Kendra,” “Kenshi,” or even if your name contains the word “Ken.” So mark your calendars and get ready to indulge in this sweet treat!

To avail this incredible offer, simply follow these quick steps:

1. Visit any Burger King outlet near you.
2. Show a valid ID or provide your social media handle with your qualifying name.
3. Claim your free soft serve and savor its creamy goodness.

Please note that this promotion is not valid at all airport outlets, GPO, JPO, Mitsui, and Sunway Lagoon locations. Make sure to visit one of their other outlets throughout Malaysia to enjoy this tempting deal.

We understand that everyone loves freebies, and this mouthwatering offer from Burger King Malaysia is too good to miss out on! So if your name matches the required criteria or contains the magical letters of “Ken,” make sure to take advantage of this limited-time promotion.

Imagine treating yourself to a delightful soft serve – smooth and velvety ice cream swirled just right. Whether you prefer classic flavors like vanilla or want something more adventurous like chocolate fudge or strawberry swirls, the choice is yours! Let yourself be transported into a world of pure bliss as you savor each mouthful.

Burger King is renowned for its high-quality ingredients and commitment to delivering great taste. So when they offer something for free, you know it’s going to be utterly delicious. The soft serve is the epitome of indulgence – a treat that brings joy to people of all ages.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of Burger King or new to their delightful menu, this promotion is an ideal opportunity to explore their offerings. And what better way to break the ice (or rather, enjoy some creamy ice cream) than by participating in this exciting event?

Make sure to spread the word among your friends and family members who may be eligible for this mouthwatering deal. Encourage them to head over to Burger King Malaysia on the 26th of July 2023 and satisfy their cravings with a delectable soft serve – all for free!

As promotions like these are time-limited and exclusive, it’s essential that you don’t miss out on any future offers from Burger King Malaysia. Stay tuned to their social media channels, website, and local advertisements for upcoming promotions and discounts. By doing so, you’ll always remain informed about the latest opportunities to save money while relishing in delicious food.

Hurry up and prepare yourself for Wednesday the 26th of July 2023 – a day dedicated to free soft serve at Burger King Malaysia! Remember, you can claim your free treat if your name is “Kenny,” “Kendal,” “Kendra,” “Kenshi,” or even if it contains the magical letters “Ken.” So make sure to visit one of Burger King’s outlets near you and indulge in this delightful offer. Enjoy every spoonful, savoring the richness of flavors that only Burger King can provide!