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Availability: till 30 June 2024

Finger Lickin’ Good Deal: KFC Offers RM10 Off with SpayLater – Hurry Up! | April 2024 Promo

Do you find yourself constantly craving the iconic crispy chicken from KFC but want to pay for it later? Well, your prayers have been answered! Starting April 2024, KFC is offering a mouth-watering deal that allows you to enjoy RM10 off your purchase when using SpayLater, all for a limited time only!


Imagine sinking your teeth into that signature crunchiness of KFC chicken while knowing you can conveniently settle the bill later with SpayLater. This offer is available at any KFC outlet across Malaysia, making it easier than ever to satisfy your cravings with just a tap on your device.


With SpayLater, embracing your love for KFC has never been more convenient. Whether it’s a quick meal on-the-go or a hearty family feast, now you can relish every bite without worrying about immediate payment. And as an added treat, you’ll get an extra 10% off during this promotional period – talk about a finger-lickin’ good deal!


This exclusive discount is applicable for in-store purchases only and is subject to terms and conditions. So, make sure to savor this tantalizing deal before it slips away! Indulge in the flavors that define comfort food at its best while relishing the joy of deferred payment.


Don’t miss out on this delectable opportunity to treat yourself or surprise loved ones with the goodness of KFC. Bring smiles to faces and flavor to gatherings by enjoying the convenience of SpayLater coupled with enticing savings courtesy of KFC’s irresistible promotion.


Why wait when you can enjoy the irresistible taste of KFC today and pay later? Grab this chance to elevate your dining experience while saving with every delectable order made during this limited-time offer. Head over to your nearest KFC outlet, place your order, indulge in their renowned fried chicken and sides, and simply use SpayLater at checkout to avail yourself of this fantastic RM10 off deal.


Keep in mind that terms and conditions apply, so seize this chance promptly because once this offer passes, so does the opportunity to save generously on your next sumptuous meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken!


Hurry up and make April 2024 a month filled with delightful dining experiences thanks to both SpayLater’s convenient service and KFC’s compelling discount promotion. Don’t let hunger wait; dive into those crispy bites without delay – after all, good things come to those who eat…and save!