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FamilyMart: 50% off on Second Bun


Get a second bun at half price.


Purchase any bun and you can enjoy 50% off when you purchase a second bun via the FamiDelivery app in your eWallet with promo code TNGBREAD.

FamilyMart: 50% off on Second Bun

·       Japanese Cheese Pan

·       Melon Pan

·       Custard Almond Bun

·       Chocolate Chip Melon Pan

·       Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Pan

·       Triple Chocolate Melon Pan

·       Hakuto Peach Pan

·       Custard Oyaki Bun

·       Cranberry Cream Cheese Oyaki Bun

·       Raisin Brioche Bun

·       Butter Sugar Bun

·       Mexican Coffee Bun

·       Chocolate Custard Pan

Q2         What is the duration of this promotion?

          Promotion period is from 4 September 2023 to 30 September 2023, both dates inclusive.

Q3         Who is eligible for this promotion?

         All users of Touch ‘n Go eWallet who make payment via FamiDelivery app found within Touch ‘n Go eWallet and comply with the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Q4         How many promotional items can I purchase at the promotional price?

      Users are eligible to use the discount code to purchase the listed items at   promotional price up to ONE (1) time only. Each Touch ‘n Go eWallet user is entitled to only ONE (1) promotional item per transaction