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Experience Subway’s Everyday Sub Saver and Delight in The Savoury Roasted Chicken on Every Tuesday


On the hunt for food without putting a strain on your wallet? Subway Malaysia draws you in with an irresistible savin of the “Everyday Sub Saver.” Now appreciate the full flavours of their delicious Roasted Chicken sub starting at merely RM9.95!

The aptly named “Subway Everyday Sub Saver” is nothing short of a cost-savour life hack. By giving you the power to choose from their range of bread, sauces, and crisp vegetables, this bargain allows you to bring to life your ideal sub sandwich without burning a hole in your pocket.


The centrepiece, Roasted Chicken, can easily be hailed as a fan favourite. Encased in warm oven-baked bread is succulent chicken that imparts an explosion of taste with each bite which can then be accentuated by adding crunchy veggies and drizzles of sauces.


Don’t delay now! Dash over to any Subway outlet across Malaysia and satiate your cravings while enjoying an economical yet healthy meal. It’s important to iterate that exceptional food doesn’t have to pinch you financially!


Take this grand opportunity today! Make every visit a gourmet adventure minus the extravagant cost, courtesy of Subway’s Everyday Sub Saver – available until further notice! Indulge responsibly without compromising on taste!


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