Elevate Your Coffee Experience with HWC Coffee’s RM0.90 Monday Special!

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HWC Coffee is excited to announce its latest Monday Special promotion, offering customers the opportunity to elevate their coffee experience at an unbeatable price. Starting [Start Date], coffee enthusiasts can walk into any HWC Brandstore in Malaysia and enjoy their second beverage and second packet of Single Origin Bean Pack for just RM0.90.


This newsworthy offer aims to delight coffee lovers and provide them with an affordable way to savor high-quality, single-origin coffee beans while enjoying their favorite beverages. The promotion not only encourages customers to indulge in their love for coffee but also allows them to explore different flavor profiles and brewing techniques.


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to enhance your coffee rituals without breaking the bank! Head over to any HWC Brandstore in Malaysia every Monday and take advantage of this incredible offer.