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Dunkin’s Monthly Bonanza: Scrumptious Freebies Every 12th of the Month 2024


The New Year brings new opportunities to delve into indulgence with ‘Dunkin’s Dozen Day’. Celebrated fervently nationwide every 12th of the month, Dunkin’s is kick-starting the joyous ride in January 2024. One cannot miss this irresistible rendezvous marked by a blend of taste ecstasy and unbeatable promotions.

When it comes to donuts, Dunkin’ stands unparalleled. On this special day, grab a dozen assorted donuts suitable for your diverse celebrations. The deal? Pay for just nine, yet relish twelve! Offering great value for money – these donut heroes are game-changers in celebrating shared moments of happiness.

But that’s not all! Just when you’re settling down with your box full of heavenly treats, Dunkin’ springs another surprise. Get two cups of refreshing Iced Dunkin’ Coffee (16oz) at an incredible price- RM12 only. This pairing brings together something cool and bittersweet with your sweet treat – an absolute delight!

Note that these fantastic offers are valid across the country except at PICC & Airport outlets, subject to standard terms and conditions applied by Dunkin’s – ensuring scrumptious safety alongside sumptuous servings.

So yes dear customers – ‘Dozen Day’ awaits you at the doorstep of your favorite Dunkin’ branch on every 12th day of 2024. Come on in – and celebrate happiness one donut (or rather three extra) at a time!