Domino’s Pizza Personal Pizza for Only RM5!

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Who doesn’t adore the cheesy delight of pizzas? Now every Malaysian can relish their love for Domino’s Pizza with an unbeatable offer – every day personal pizzas at a price of only RM5! This unbelievable deal is offered across all Domino’s outlets throughout Malaysia.

Not one or two, but six different scrumptious flavors to pick from! Whether you fancy the tropical taste of ‘Aloha Chicken,’ pepperoni punch of ‘Chicken Pepperoni’ or ‘Beef Pepperoni,’ basic yet classic delight of ‘Simply Cheese,’ the veggie-loaded goodness of ‘Veggie Galore’ or the fiery deliciousness of ‘Flaming Tuna’ – there’s surely a flavor that’ll excite your taste buds.


Each personal pizza caters perfectly to individual tastes and mood swings in food penchant. Feeling meaty today? Choose either chicken or beef pepperoni. Eyeing something tropical? Aloha Chicken is your go-to choice.

Gravitate towards vegetarian options? Veggie Galore complements you excellently while the Flaming Tuna adds an adventurous twist to regular seafood pizzas.


Grab this fantastic opportunity now and indulge in high-quality, flavorful pizza dining experience without splurging too much. Navigate to and order right away!


This attractive Domino’s deal ensures that everyone has something to love when they need that hearty, feel-good fast food fix. Relish these lip-smacking delicacies not just once, but everyday at a hard-to-believe rate offered exclusively by Domino’s Pizza.