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Domino’s Pizza: New Pepperoni-Roni Pizza with 150% More Pepperoni and Mozzarella Twisty Crust – Order Now

Introducing Domino’s Pizza New Pepperoni-Roni Pizza: More Pepperoni, More Flavor!

Are you a fan of pepperoni? Do you crave that perfect balance of crispy and savory with every bite? Domino’s Pizza has some exciting news for you! Domino’s Pizza new Pepperoni-Roni pizza is here, and it’s loaded with 150% more pepperoni! Yes, you read that right – 150% more of that delicious, mouth-watering pepperoni you love.

But that’s not all. Domino’s Pizza has also introduced a new Mozzarella Twisty Crust that will take your pizza experience to the next level. Imagine biting into a crust that’s not only crispy on the outside but also filled with gooey, stretchy mozzarella cheese. It’s the perfect combination of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more !

Why You’ll Love the New Pepperoni-Roni Pizza:

  1. 150% More Pepperoni: Domino’s Pizza has packed this pizza with an extra helping of pepperoni to ensure every bite is bursting with flavor.
  2. Mozzarella Twisty Crust: Domino’s Pizza new crust is a game-changer. It’s cheesy, it’s twisty, and it’s absolutely delicious.
  3. Perfect for Sharing: Whether you’re having a family dinner, a party with friends, or just a cozy night in, the Pepperoni-Roni pizza is the perfect choice.
  4. Convenient Ordering: Ordering your Pepperoni-Roni pizza is just a click away. Simply hit the “Order Now” button and get ready to enjoy pizza heaven.

Special Offer: Buy 1, Get 3 Free!

To celebrate the launch of Domino’s Pizza new Pepperoni-Roni pizza, Domino’s Pizza has an incredible offer for you. For a limited time, you can buy 1 pizza and get 3 additional items for free, all starting at just RM 55.80! This amazing deal includes:

  • A delicious Pepperoni-Roni pizza
  • Cheesy Mozzarella Twisty Breadsticks
  • Creamy Cheese Dip
  • Crispy Potato Wedges

Online Pickup Exclusive: 40% Off + Free Pepsi!

Domino’s Pizza has another fantastic offer for our online customers. Order your Pepperoni-Roni pizza online for pickup and get 40% off, plus receive 2 free cans of Pepsi with your order. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss

Introducing the New Cheese Bowl-Cano

As if Domino’s Pizza new Pepperoni-Roni pizza wasn’t enough, Domino’s Pizza is also excited to introduce the new Cheese Bowl-Cano! This cheesy delight is filled with molten cheese that erupts with flavor. Perfect as a side or a meal on its own, the Cheese Bowl-Cano is available for only RM 13.90.

Don’t wait any longer to try this amazing new pizza and take advantage of Domino’s Pizza special offers. Order now and treat yourself to the ultimate pepperoni experience. Your taste buds will thank you!