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Domino’s Pizza Fuyoh One Deals 2023

Domino’s Pizza is back to give you a bang for your buck. Domino’s Fuyoh One is set to leave your taste buds tingling and your tummy happy with our exciting new sets of a complete meal for one, for only RM9.90. 1 Main, 1 Side and 1 Drink!

To make it even more awesome and Fuyooohh, the Fuyoh One combo comes with a variety to fulfil your palate and preference!


Fuyoh One Combo – Complete #MealForOne with MORE Value at RM9.90!

Are you tired of ordering food and not getting a complete meal? In this economy, sometimes having a complete meal means spending over your budget. Fret no more – Domino’s #FuyohOne combo is here to solve your problem. Now, you can enjoy a complete #MealForOne with MORE value without spending more.

The #FuyohOne combo is a complete meal set for a single eater, priced at an affordable RM9.90. It comes with 1 main of your choice either Personal pizza or Pasta, a side dish, and a drink, making it a perfect meal for a quick lunch, dinner or any meal at any time!


MORE Varieties, MORE Flavors that Make You Go Fuyoh!

Variety is the spice of life, and Domino’s Pizza has taken that seriously with our #FuyohOne Combo set. Now, you can always get your favorite pizza and preferred side dish without compromising anything – including your friendship and relationship!

You like to have your pizza with garlic bread, but your friend prefers onion rings? Or do you love to have dessert after pizza as the sweet ending, but your partner insists on having pasta? Well, to each their own. With 4 varieties of Domino’s #FuyohOne combo, you now can enjoy your own favorite pizza and your selection of a side dish.


Here are the varieties of #FuyohOne combo that you can choose from:


Fuyoh One Set 1

Personal Pizza + Garlic French Loaf + Pepsi Black Can – ONEPIZA1


Fuyoh One Set 2

Personal Pizza + Garlic Cheese Onion Rings + Pepsi Black Can – ONEPIZA2


Fuyoh One Set 3

Personal Pizza + Chocolate Lava Cake + Pepsi Black Can – ONEPIZA3


Fuyoh One Set 4

Spaghetti Bolognese + Garlic French Loaf + Pepsi Black Can – ONEPASTA


Domino’s Fuyoh One for a Complete Meal Set

Available only for a limited time, you can enjoy Domino’s Pizza Fuyoh One via take-away. Here are some easy ways to place your order:

  1. Walk-in to any Domino’s Pizza store nationwide.

  2. Order online via Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s official website or app.

  3. Call Domino’s Pizza customer hotline at 1300-888-333.

When ordering the pizza offer online, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Register or log in to https://www.dominos.com.my/

  2. Select ‘Take Away’

  3. Go to the ‘Promos and Coupons’ tab and key in the promo code of your #FuyohOne combo selection