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Valid on 15 July 2024

Dive into Dessert Paradise with FamilyMart’s New Vanilla Milk and Brown Sugar Boba Puddings!

Get ready for a pudding fiesta!

Dive into dessert paradise with FamilyMart’s rich, silky Vanilla Milk Pudding, or for more sweetness, try the irresistible chewy brown sugar boba!

Vanilla Milk Pudding

Imagine sinking your spoon into a silky, rich pudding that melts in your mouth, leaving a delightful vanilla aftertaste. That’s exactly what you get with FamilyMart’s Vanilla Milk Pudding. Made with the finest ingredients, this pudding is a perfect blend of creamy goodness and vanilla perfection.

Brown Sugar Boba Pudding

If you’re looking for something with a bit more texture and an extra kick of sweetness, the Brown Sugar Boba Pudding is your go-to. This pudding features chewy brown sugar boba pearls that add a delightful contrast to the smooth pudding base. Each bite is a burst of flavor and texture that will leave you craving more.

Both these delectable desserts are available at FamilyMart chiller for a limited time. Grab the Vanilla Milk Pudding for RM 6.50* and the Brown Sugar Boba Pudding for RM 6.90 each. Whether you’re treating yourself or sharing with friends and family, these puddings are sure to be a hit.

*Tropical Bliss 2024 new eats is valid until 18th June 2024 at all stores and online.

*Pricing and promo apply to all in-store purchases except for KLIA2, Genting, and online orders too. While stocks last.