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Availability: till 30 June 2024

Discover the Zesty Yuzu Honey Sofuto at FamilyMart Malaysia

Un-bee-lievably Refreshing: Discover FamilyMart’s Yuzu Honey Sofuto

Summer is upon us, and FamilyMart is here to quench your dessert cravings with a zing! Introducing the all-new Yuzu Honey Sofuto, a delightful blend of zesty yuzu citrus and the natural sweetness of honey. This sofuto is designed to tantalize your taste buds with every lick, sip, or spoonful.

A Perfect Harmony of Flavors

The Yuzu Honey Sofuto masterfully balances the vibrant, tangy notes of yuzu with the smooth, golden sweetness of honey. It’s the perfect treat to refresh and soften the summer heat. Whether you prefer it in a classic cone, a sundae cup, a creamy milkshake, or even a take-home pint, there’s a Yuzu Honey Sofuto experience waiting just for you.

A Return to Chocolate Heaven

For our chocolate lovers, rejoice! FamilyMart’s fan-favorite Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto is making a comeback. Rich, indulgent, and utterly satisfying, this Sofuto offers a deep chocolatey taste that’s perfect for those moments when you’re craving something decadent.

Matcha Takes a Breather

While our Matcha Sofuto takes a brief hiatus, there’s no shortage of delightful options to explore. Rest assured, Matcha aficionados, your beloved green treat will return soon!

Find Your Bliss

FamilyMart is dedicated to bringing you quality and variety in every bite. Our limited-time offers like the Yuzu Honey Sofuto and the returning Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto are here to make your summer sweeter and fresher. Hurry down to your nearest FamilyMart and indulge yourself in these limited-edition sofuto flavors.

Note: Availability of items is subject to in-store stock. Grab your favorite while stocks last.