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Discover the “Inside Scoop” Deal: Savour a Second Ice Cream Scoop for Just RM1 Every Thursday

Inside Scoop

Calling all ice cream fanatics across the country! A brand-new mouthwatering offer has arrived that will make those taste buds tingle. Imagine indulging in a cool, creamy delight for a fraction of the price, and making it a weekly affair too. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, dreams do come true at Inside Scoop!

Here’s the lowdown. Every Thursday, Inside Scoop is offering an irresistible deal – your second scoop of ice cream for just RM1 with Standard Chartered credit cards. So, whether you’re craving the old-school charm of vanilla or trying to get wild with unique haiku.lychee or chilli chocolate, go ahead and add that additional scoop!


The catch? Just make sure to pay using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. It couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is enjoy more of what you love for less!


What’s more exciting? Even further incredible RM1 deals are rearing their heads over at We know where we’ll be spending our Thursdays!


To sweeten the experience from start to finishing lick, they’re also committed to high-quality ingredients and masterful artisan craftsmanship; each flavour at Inside Scoop shines through distinctively – ensuring that each bite melts impeccably in your mouth.


Of course, terms and conditions apply so check these out in full before you order—but don’t let that stop you from fully enjoying this fantastic Thursday treat.


With such unbeatable offers, every Thursday can be transformed into a mid-week celebration with family or friends over ice cream at Inside Scoop. So why not make every lick count, one scoop at a time?